Eyepieces, Lenses

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description View
26800B-444 Image 26800B-444 Aven Tools EYEPIECES DSW 5X RFQ
26501-SLA Image 26501-SLA Aven Tools SWING AWAY LENS 5 DIOPTER RFQ
26113 Image 26113 Aven Tools AUXILIARY LENS 2-1/2X RFQ
26800B-464 Image 26800B-464 Aven Tools AUXILIARY LENS 2X RFQ
34248 Image 34248 Luxo LENS FOR 17845LG LAMP 3.55MM DIA RFQ
26112 Image 26112 Aven Tools REPLACEMENT LENS 3-1/2X RFQ
36639 Image 36639 Luxo LENS 5 DIOPTER FOR KFM SERIES RFQ
26800B-443 Image 26800B-443 Aven Tools EYEPIECES DSW 20X RFQ
26111 Image 26111 Aven Tools REPLACEMENT LENS 2-3/4X RFQ
26800B-457 Image 26800B-457 Aven Tools EYEPIECES FOCUS 10X 20X20 .5MM RFQ
26800B-450 Image 26800B-450 Aven Tools EYEPIECES DHW 20X RFQ
26107 Image 26107 Aven Tools REPLACEMENT LENS 1-1/2X RFQ
26109 Image 26109 Aven Tools REPLACEMENT LENS 2X RFQ
26700-501-30 Image 26700-501-30 Aven Tools ILOUPE LENS 30X TO 150X RFQ
26108 Image 26108 Aven Tools REPLACEMENT LENS 1-3/4X RFQ
26800B-449 Image 26800B-449 Aven Tools EYEPIECES DHW 15X RFQ
50202 Image 50202 Luxo LENS 3 1/8" FOR KFM SERIES 8D RFQ
26800B-442 Image 26800B-442 Aven Tools EYEPIECES DSW 15X RFQ
26800B-445 Image 26800B-445 Aven Tools EYEPIECES DSW 10X RFQ
502969-1 Image 502969-1 TE Connectivity MICSCOPE EYEPIECE 10X 800-G425 RFQ
502969-3 Image 502969-3 TE Connectivity MICSCOP EYEPCE 10X-20X800-W436 RFQ
26700-501-20 Image 26700-501-20 Aven Tools ILOUPE LENS 20X TO 100X RFQ
26800B-456 Image 26800B-456 Aven Tools EYEPIECES FOCUS 10X 5:100MM RFQ
50201 Image 50201 Luxo LENS 4" FOR KFM SERIES 4D RFQ
26800B-459 Image 26800B-459 Aven Tools EYEPIECES FOCUS 10X 10:100MM RFQ
502969-2 Image 502969-2 TE Connectivity MICSCOPE EYEPIECE 20X 800-W387 RFQ
26501-AL3 Image 26501-AL3 Aven Tools AUXILIARY LENS 3-DIOPTER RFQ
26110 Image 26110 Aven Tools REPLACEMENT LENS 2-1/2X RFQ
26800B-446 Image 26800B-446 Aven Tools EYEPIECES DSW 5X RFQ
26800B-455 Image 26800B-455 Aven Tools EYEPIECES FOCUS 10X 10:100MM RFQ
26800B-462 Image 26800B-462 Aven Tools AUXILIARY LENS 0.75X RFQ
26800B-441 Image 26800B-441 Aven Tools EYEPIECES DSW 10X RFQ
26800B-448 Image 26800B-448 Aven Tools EYEPIECES DHW 10X RFQ
50206 Image 50206 Luxo LENS SWING AWAY 2.5X 10D RFQ
26800B-463 Image 26800B-463 Aven Tools AUXILIARY LENS 1.6X RFQ
26800B-458 Image 26800B-458 Aven Tools EYEPIECES FOCUS 10X 10X10 1MM RFQ