Highly reliable power inductors for automotive and industrial applications

TT Electronics has introduced SMD power inductors for use in high power density applications where size is critical. The inductors’ compact design, together with their AEC-Q200 certification gives the performance and reliability levels that automotive and high-reliability industrial applications demand.

The low-profile power-inductors are perfect for use in high-efficiency DC-DC converters utilising high switching frequencies up to 3MHz as well as EMI and low-pass DC filters. Applications in the transportation field include engine control, transmission control, powertrain, LED driver, EPS, radar systems, ABS braking systems, and camera control systems. In the industrial sector, they are perfect for use in automation systems as well as DC-DC converters.

The HA66 series is a low profile, low loss, ferrite-based inductor created with a broad range of inductances and package sizes. The series includes a range of 38 inductors with inductance ratings from 2.5µH to 220µH, DC resistances from 0.018Ohm to 0.820Ohm and Irms values from 1.22A to 11.2A. The compact inductors are offered in two case sizes, 5.7mm x 5.7mm x 3mm, and 6.7mm x 6.7mm x 4mm.

The inductors are magnetically shielded, have a low DC resistance and offer a high saturation current of 4.4A maximum. The parts can withstand high temperatures, with an operating temperature range of -40C to +125C, an ambient temperature maximum of 85C, a maximum temperature rise of 40C, and can meet an operating temperature of 155C.