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Category:Programmers, Development Systems
Family:Eval and Demo Boards and Kits
Associated Product:336-1536-5-ND - IC 8051 MCU 8K FLASH 14-SOIC C8051F301-GMR-ND - IC 8051 MCU 8K FLASH 11QFN 336-1247-ND - IC 8051 MCU 8K FLASH 11QFN
Other Names:336-1319
Reference Design Library:STEPPER-MTR-RD: UniPolar Stepper Motor Driver, 12V
Main Purpose:Power Management, Motor Control
Primary Attributes:Unipolar Stepper Motors
Secondary Attributes:Graphical User Interface
Embedded:Yes, MCU, 8-Bit
Utilized IC / Part:C8051F301
Supplied Contents:Board, Cable, Debug Adapter, Motor, Power Supply, Software