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Image Part Number Description View
40-6518-10 Image 40-6518-10 40 PIN SOLDER TAIL DIP SOCKET RFQ
22-655-10 Image 22-655-10 CONN COVER HEADER 22POS RFQ
24-6570-11 Image 24-6570-11 CONN IC SOCKET ZIF 24POS GOLD RFQ
20-354W00-10 Image 20-354W00-10 CONN ADAPTER 20PIN DIP TO SOWIC RFQ
24-650-10 Image 24-650-10 DIP HEADER COVER 24 PIN .270 RFQ
96-208M50 Image 96-208M50 CONN ADAPTER 208 EIAJ QFP TO PGA RFQ
25-0513-10 Image 25-0513-10 ST SIP SOC W SCREW MACH PIN (25) RFQ
24-600-10 Image 24-600-10 DIP HEADER 24 PIN .600 RFQ
18-680-190T Image 18-680-190T CONN HEADER PROGRAMMABLE 18POS RFQ
16-655-10 Image 16-655-10 CONN COVER HEADER 16POS RFQ
44-537-20 Image 44-537-20 INSERT PLATE FOR 44PIN UNIV ZIF RFQ
18-35W000-10 Image 18-35W000-10 ADAPTER SOWIC TO DIP 18 POS RFQ
16-650-30 Image 16-650-30 .65" COVER 16 PIN RFQ
28-650000-11-RC Image 28-650000-11-RC SOCKET ADPTR SOIC/28PIN .600 DIP RFQ
24-680-190T Image 24-680-190T CONN HEADER PROGRAMMABLE 24POS RFQ
16-810-90 Image 16-810-90 IC SOCK 16 PIN VERT GOLD .300 RFQ
16-350000-11-RC Image 16-350000-11-RC SOCKET ADPTR SOIC/16PIN .300 DIP RFQ
21-0513-10 Image 21-0513-10 ST SIP SOC W/SOLDER TAIL RFQ
C9120-00 Image C9120-00 20 PIN GOLD WW IC SOCKET RFQ
24-526-10 Image 24-526-10 SOCKET 24PIN ZIF LO PROFILE RFQ
14-354W00-10 Image 14-354W00-10 CONN ADAPTER 14PIN DIP TO SOWIC RFQ
20-350001-11-RC Image 20-350001-11-RC SOCKET ADAPTR SOJ/20PIN .300 DIP RFQ
08-350000-11-RC Image 08-350000-11-RC SOCKET ADAPTR SOIC/8PIN .300 DIP RFQ
66-PRS11054-12 Image 66-PRS11054-12 IC SOCKET ZIF RFQ
14-650-20 Image 14-650-20 .51" COVER 14 PIN RFQ
28-516-10 Image 28-516-10 ZIF SOCKET 28 PIN TIN RFQ
24-351000-10 Image 24-351000-10 ADAPTER 24-SSOP TO DIP RFQ
52-505-110 Image 52-505-110 PLCC TO PGA ADAPTER RFQ
14-351000-10 Image 14-351000-10 SOCKET ADPTR SSOP/DIP 14POS .300 RFQ
28-35W000-10 Image 28-35W000-10 ADAPTER 28 PIN SOIC RFQ
C9124-00 Image C9124-00 24 PIN GOLD WW IC SOCKET RFQ
95-100I25 Image 95-100I25 ADAPTER 100 PIN, JEDEC QSP/PGA RFQ
97-AQ132D Image 97-AQ132D SOCKET PGA 132PIN 2A PQFP RFQ
07-002-171 Image 07-002-171 FLAT FLEX CABLE 7 POS 2" 26AWG RFQ
C8140-04 Image C8140-04 40 PIN TIN WW IC SOCKET RFQ
44-547-11E Image 44-547-11E SOCKET UNIV SOIC ZIF TEST W/LFTR RFQ
64-9518-10 Image 64-9518-10 64 PIN SOLDER TAIL DIP SOCKET RFQ
08-350000-10 Image 08-350000-10 SOCKET ADPTR SOIC/8PIN .300 DIP RFQ
10-655-10 Image 10-655-10 CONN COVER HEADER 10POS RFQ
56-184M65 Image 56-184M65 ADAPTER 184 PIN EIAJ QFP TO PGA RFQ
20-F40-10 Image 20-F40-10 DIP STRIP FEMALE 20 POSITION RFQ
32-450001-11-RC Image 32-450001-11-RC SOCKET ADAPTR SOJ/32PIN .400 DIP RFQ
32-653000-10 Image 32-653000-10 SOCKET ADPTR PLCC/32PIN .600 DIP RFQ
28-6823-90 Image 28-6823-90 IC SOCK 28 PIN HORIZ HOLD .600 RFQ
28-C182-10 Image 28-C182-10 28 PIN LOCK/EJECT IC SOCKET RFQ
40-6554-11 Image 40-6554-11 40 PIN ZIF SOCKET, GOLD RFQ
06-655-10 Image 06-655-10 CONN COVER HEADER 6POS RFQ
C8114-04 Image C8114-04 14 PIN TIN WW IC SOCKET RFQ
18-350000-10 Image 18-350000-10 SOCKET ADPTR SOIC/18PIN .300DIP RFQ
16-351000-10 Image 16-351000-10 SOCKET ADPTR SSOP/DIP 16POS .300 RFQ