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Flexo® Noise Reduction

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Flexo® Noise Reduction

Techflex's Flexo® noise reduction offers quiet, strong, full-coverage hybrid protection

Techflex's Flexo® noise reduction is a bi-axially braided hybrid sleeving, combining monofilament and multifilament PET yarns to create a full-coverage expandable sleeve that substantially reduces noise on wires, tubes, and hoses. The lightweight, rugged construction also provides protection from abrasions and vibration that is far superior to foam harness sleeves. NR expands for easy installation over splices and connectors and is flexible enough for tight-radius applications. The braided construction will not hold moisture and drains quickly when immersed. NR is used in body wiring harnesses, instrument panel and lighting wiring, cable and hose assemblies, and other limited-access applications where noise reduction is desirable. In retrofit applications or when component or harness disassembly is impractical, our unique F6 Quiet hybrid wraparound sleeving provides identical noise reduction and protection characteristics.

Features Applications
  • Excellent noise suppression
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Does not trap moisture or heat
  • Rated to 257°F with low temperature flexibility to -94°F
  • Body wiring harnesses
  • Instrument panels
  • Lighting wire
  • Cable and hose assemblies
  • Noise-reduction applications
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