Karamba Security Announces Collaboration with Micron for Enhanced Automotive Cybersecurity

Karamba Security, a world-leading provider of end-to-end automotive cybersecurity prevention solutions today announced a new industry collaboration to enhance security hardening for the automotive market. Karamba Security is working with leading semiconductor vendor Micron Technology to leverage the Micron® Authenta™ security architecture in Karamba’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) hardening and CAN Bus encryption software, enabling an enhanced embedded security solution previously unavailable for traditional in-vehicle architectures. This solution will leverage hardware security features in Authenta-enabled flash memory to improve content and run-time integrity while simplifying overall platform security implementations.

“Micron is a leading provider in the connected car ecosystem,” said Ami Dotan, Karamba Security’s co-founder and CEO. “When looking at the emerging autonomous vehicle architecture we all know security needs to be enhanced. We are proud to join forces with Micron to improve out-of-the-box security when hardening crucial in-vehicle units to ensure consumer safety.”

“Cybersecurity has become a critical concern for our automotive customers as the market transitions to the era of connected vehicles and emerging autonomous vehicles. Cybersecurity issues are complex and require a combination of hardware and software technologies to be closely integrated to simplify implementation, adoption and solution hardening,” said Giorgio Scuro, vice president of the Automotive Division at Micron. “We are pleased to team with Karamba, who has a strong fit with our Authenta security ecosystem, and who shares our vision of simplifying adoption of enhanced security solutions by our customers.”

The Karamba technology integration with Micron leverages industry-standard cryptographic primitives in silicon available uniquely on Micron’s Authenta-enabled flash memory. When Karamba automatically creates a security policy for run-time integrity validation and binary whitelists, it leverages the Authenta-enabled flash memory device to attest to the integrity of these critical elements through authenticated commands and cryptographic measurements. This advanced implementation provides a higher level of resiliency while keeping the performance level the industry has come to expect from Karamba hardening solutions.