New Raspberry Pi RGB Matrix Bonnet

Adafruit has announced the arrival of its new Raspberry Pi RGB Matrix Bonnet which is supported by any Raspberry Pi with a 40-pin GPIO header, such as the Zero, Zero W/WH and Pi Model A+, B+, Pi 2 and Pi 3. Unfortunately the RGB Matrix Bonnet will not work with the older 26-pin boards like the original Model A or B. Once attached to your Raspberry Pi the Adafruit RGB Matrix Bonnet allows you to create a wide variety of “dazzling displays” using simple RGB matrices and avoiding the need for complex wiring.

The Raspberry Pi RGB Matrix Bonnet provides power protection circuitry enabling you to plug a 5V 4A wall adapter into the bonnet, with the board automatically protecting your project against negative, over or under-voltages. The bonnet is also fitted with Onboard level shifters to convert the Raspberry Pi mini PCs 3.3V to 5.0V logic for clean matrix driving. The Raspberry Pi bonnet is only for use with HUB75 type RGB matrices and not the NeoPixel, DotStar, or other ‘addressable’ LEDs says Adafruit.

supporting Adafruit’s wide range of LED accessories including the 16 x 32, 32 x 32 or 32 x 64 RGB LED Matrices with HUB75 connections. If preferred you can also use 64 x 64 matrices by soldering a small jumper on the PCB.