Sierraware's SierraTEE Can Support Imagination MIPS CPUs

Imagination Technologies and leader in virtualization and security technology Sierraware announced that the two companies have worked together to enable Sierraware's SierraTEE to support devices based on Imagination MIPS CPUs. Trusted environments (TEE) provide a secure area in networked devices to ensure that sensitive data can be stored, processed, and protected in isolated, trusted environments. It provides end-to-end security by providing an isolated, secure execution environment for authorized security software.

Networked embedded devices are gradually built into a variety of different applications, thus requiring security and a certain level of stability in order to avoid malicious software intrusion. SierraTEE is designed for a variety of devices that have been deployed in the market, including mobile phones, set-top boxes and home gateways, servers, industrial automation, and more.

"We have seen a growing number of applications and architectures that are growing in demand for our technology," said Gopal Jayaraman, president and chief executive officer of Sierraware. "Companies that use MIPS architecture development equipment will now have easy-to-use TEE solutions to help them bring products to market quickly, and for developers who already have Global Platform applications, they do not need to change any code to work properly. "

"SierraTEE is built on growing security solutions and OmniShield technology that supports MIPS-based networking equipment," said Jim Nicholas, executive vice president of IP, MIPS processor, Imagination. "We see more of MIPS's strong market position Including the set-top boxes, televisions and cars, the demand for the Global Platform TEE is increasing.Sierraware is our ideal partner because of their technology has been widely used, and affirmed.Using hardware virtualization technology "TEE will be able to provide manufacturers with great potential to provide a high degree of isolation security for their systems." You can also buy them from electronic component distributors.

SierraTEE provides a secure, easy-to-use solution for OmniShield-enabled MIPS CPUs. It is developed through Imagination's OmniShield security technology, and hardware virtualization in MIPS CPUs can be used to build multiple areas. In a multi-domain system, SierraVisor can isolate multiple simultaneous guest systems. The combination of SierraVisor and Sierraware TEE enables TEE to be fully operational in a virtualized environment.

The Sierra TEE, which supports the MIPS architecture, is available now and has been adopted by MIPS authorized customers.

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