TSMC Will be The Exclusive Supplier For Apple's A12 Chip

According to Taiwan media, "Electronic Times" reported that the industry has revealed that although there have been Samsung will also fight for Apple's next year's A12 processor news, but TSMC is still likely to monopolize these orders. TSMC in 2016 and 2017 two years after the loss of Apple's orders, this time for the A12 processor chip OEM is also determined, after all, they have just surpassed Intel to become the first chip manufacturers.

The insider also mentioned that TSMC's "integrated fan-out" wafer-level packaging technology used in its 7nm FinFET process is ahead of any technology used by Samsung in the field. This is also the advantage of TSMC compared to Samsung. But for Samsung or to attract Apple's place, after all, next year's iPhone will be fully used OLED screen.

It is understood that Samsung in order to obtain iPhone processor orders, specialized investment in the construction of the 7nm chip factory. In March this year, there were news reports revealed Samsung's plan, "Samsung recently purchased a very UV lithography equipment, used to produce only for the iPhone 7nm mobile processor." Apple is keen to split the order to Different suppliers, the most important factor is that hope to enhance the flexibility of iPhone shipments and their own in the negotiations in the right to speak. If you want to learn more infromation,please go to components chip website.

According to the Pemberm billionaire index, the world's largest chip maker TSMC's founder and chairman Zhang Zhongmou's personal wealth has reached 1 billion US dollars. This is mainly due to investors for Apple's new flagship iPhone expectations of the demand, and TSMC is the largest mobile phone chip manufacturers one of the foundry.

In 2016 a year, TSMC with a good relationship with Apple's share price has been soaring, Zhang Zhongmou direct and indirect (through his family) holds 0.5% of TSMC shares, and TSMC's stock price also let him Personal wealth reached $ 1 billion. Analysts believe that the rise in TSMC's share price on the one hand by investors optimistic about TSMC from the new iPhone to get more income to promote, on the other hand is focused on long-term.

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