Why Need To Use Bluetooth5?

Now, engineers can use TI for single-mode Bluetooth low-power applications, the first through a fully certified Bluetooth5 protocol stack to easily support high-speed mode.

Bluetooth 5 is groundbreaking, this new high-speed mode to data transfer speeds of up to 2Mbps, equivalent to Bluetooth4.2 speed twice, Bluetooth4.0 speed five times, and will not increase power consumption. In addition to faster speeds, this model can also significantly improve energy efficiency and wireless coexistence in order to shorten the wireless communication time. Bluetooth5 achieves unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to adjust speed and distance separately through high-speed or remote mode depending on application requirements.

As the current data transmission speed has been able to achieve 2Mbps, developers can use voice, audio, imaging and data logging and other low-power Bluetooth low power can not provide information to develop their application. With high-speed mode, existing applications can achieve faster response, richer use and longer battery life. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, Bluetooth5 can also achieve faster, more reliable firmware updates.

The low-power CC2640R2F Wireless Microcontrollers (MCUs), which have been mass-produced, are the smallest Bluetooth 5 solution available today (see Figure 1). For the Internet (IoT) terminal node, the solution has been greatly optimized for radio frequency (RF) performance. The CC2640R2F device is also ideal for industrial applications, and it can be easily added as a network processor to an existing host MCU to ensure system design flexibility. You can buy it from electronic components website.

Developers who are interested in trying to extend the distance can also use two CC2640R2F LaunchPad ™ development kits (shown in the package shown in Figure 2) to test the Bluetooth5 encoded physical layer (PHY) (long distance mode) and measure the achievable distance of this mode.

Instantly use Bluetooth5, to achieve fast one step transmission speed. Whether you are designing a connected medical device, smart meter, or motor condition monitoring, Bluetooth 5 can multiply your speed. With TI's fully certified Bluetooth5 protocol stack, designers can immediately start developing and have more time to innovate.

Welcome to download the industry's first fully certified Bluetooth5 protocol stack (BLE5-Stack) and start your design!

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