Denso Has Adopted Cypress Traveo ™ Automotive MCU And FL-Serial Serial Flash Memory

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation today announced that the world's automotive components and systems supplier Denso (DENSO) has adopted the Cypress Traveo ™ automotive MCU family and FL-Serial Serial flash memory for the Toyota 2017 Camry Car dashboard Advanced graphics display. The DENSO dashboard uses the industry's first Traveo dashboard MCU with 3D display capability. The device is based on the ARM® Cortex®-R5 processor, saving a lot of storage space, with enhanced security and rich image capabilities The The FL-S memory used in the instrument panel is based on Cypress's proprietary MirrorBit® NOR flash memory technology, and each storage unit can store 2 bytes, which is the industry's highest-density serial NOR flash memory. The DENSO dashboard uses a 4.2-inch and 7-inch display, and the central display combines audio, video and navigation capabilities.

"DENSO is the first customer to put the Cypress Traveo automotive MCU family into mass production, and we are pleased to be able to continue with this flagship design," said Takeshi Fuse, senior vice president, Cypress Automotive Division. With this high-performance, cost-effective platform, customers can provide advanced image capabilities for popular models and we will continue to work closely with important partners such as Denso to build a new generation of Traveo platforms. " If you want to learn more information,please go to electronic components.

Cypress works with a number of leading automotive manufacturers around the world to bring the advanced models of luxury models to popular models, including advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), 3D graphics displays, wireless connectivity, full-featured touch screen And excellent body electronics system. Cypress's automotive portfolio includes the Traveo ™ MCU family, power management IC (PMIC), PSoC® programmable system-on-chip solutions, CapSense® capacitive sensing solutions, TrueTouch® touchscreen, NOR flash, F-RAM ™ and SRAM Storage and USB, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth connectivity solutions. Cypress's commitment to zero defects and world-class service, as well as compliance with the most stringent industry standards such as the ISO / TS 16949 Quality Management System, the Automotive Electronics Equipment Council (AEC) IC and the Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP) Guidelines , For our automotive-grade products provide a strong support.

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