Infineon Received Bosch Global Supplier Award

Infineon has recently received Robert Bosch GmbH, the Bosch Global Supplier Award, for the company's sixth-largest global vehicle supplier to receive this award. Infineon for its excellent chip manufacturing quality, this year following the Toyota and Denso, the third degree access to the global automotive market leader in the affirmative.

Dr. Reinhard Ploss, Chief Executive Officer of Infineon, presented the award at the ceremony and said that Infineon is committed to quality, sustainability and innovation, and our products assist in the implementation of electric vehicles, self-driving and cars that provide data security. I am proud of the performance of the Infineon team.

Bosch Group awards this award to recognize outstanding manufacturers in the manufacture and supply of products and services, particularly in the areas of quality, innovation and logistics. Infineon supplies Bosch's products, including radar for driver's assist systems, engine management microcontrollers, and chips for body and convenience applications.

The theme of the 2017 awards ceremony was to partner with Partners in Success, because for Bosch, suppliers are not just electronic components, but also partnering with Bosch to develop and maintain competitiveness.

The biennial awards ceremony was held for the fifth time in 2017, 2015 and 2016, Bosch awards to a total of 44 from 11 countries, an excellent supplier. Infineon has been awarded the Electronic and Motor Category Awards, and other categories include indirect material procurement, retail merchandise, innovation, machinery, and raw materials and components. Bosch Group's current procurement and logistics business, accounting for about 60% of total sales (2016 fiscal year of 73.1 billion euros), of which electronic and mechanical components for the most important procurement projects.

Reference: ds18b20 and 74hc595