uSens Launched A Mobile-side Inside-out Location Tracking Solution

Today announced the launch of the mobile-side Inside-out location tracking solution. Based on the SLAM algorithm, this solution can run smoothly on the mobile side without the need to add feature points in the external environment, enabling fast, accurate and low latency spatial positioning, allowing users to move flexibly in the virtual 3D world. The technology is expected to be demonstrated live on SIGGRAPH this year.

Spatial location tracking is an important indicator of AR VR immersive experience. Based on mobile platform development, through the camera to collect image information, using SLAM algorithm, depth learning and computer vision technology, continuous scanning and "learning" the surrounding environment, to build a virtual three-dimensional space, so as to locate the user's accuracy Location, and integration with the virtual world.

"Apple launched ARkit, Samsung and Google are also developing mobile-based products, and we are focusing on mobile platforms, focusing on research and development of core interactive technologies, including the launch of the gestures, and the recent research and development of the location tracking, which can To provide developers with a richer tool to create a really immersive experience, which is what consumers need. "USens Ling co-founder, CTO Fei Yue said:" Location tracking technology can restore virtual objects and The realism of the user experience. The computer system creates color, shape, size, etc., but the location information is missing. Our real world is three-dimensional, so locate and track the user's relative position in the real world and virtual environment, Immersive experience is necessary. "

In the demonstration, the tester hand Samsung SIM phone, starting from a point around a circle, and then back to the starting point, the middle of the balloon position remains unchanged. When people stand still, the balloon is stable, do not shake, fast up and down about shaking the phone, the balloon will not be offset, robust and good, and in the mobile side of the operation, so power also made a special optimization. The solution provided by the source does not require external tracking equipment or additional feature points, so it is also more adaptable to complex environments such as changing or different light sources.If you want to learn more information, please go to components chip website.

Currently on the market is more common is Outside-in tracking or Marker point based on the program, the technical route needs to be arranged in advance of the environment to achieve with the ARVR head of the track, the initialization process is more complex, the need to build a fixed environment, Replacement, more difficult to popularize and popularize. So the AR VR leader for the Inside-out based on the mobile location tracking program demand is gradually increasing.

USens Ling has been basically completed 6DOF location tracking and gesture recognition as one of the integrated solution, with a hardware to achieve a number of interactive, will be released in the near future.

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